Photos with Team Couch

Photos with Team Couch

Each member of the Board of Supervisors has a team.  I have official staff biographies and photos available on my official 4th district web page, but I wanted to share some photos of my staff here out in the field and being a little more comfortable.

Here’s my Chief of Staff, Brandon Martin, dressed up like Captain Mal from Firefly for a Halloween charitable fundraiser in Frazier Park:

Brandon as Captain Mal

When you walk into the office, the first smiling face you’re likely to see is Charlotte Taylor.  Here’s Charlotte, my Administrative Assistant, dressed in the Christmas spirit for a free movie screening of Elf we hosted at Wasco High School the December before last.


It’s hard to take a photo of Mark Salvaggio because he’s usually a blur of action eager to to help 4th District constituents.  He’s actually disguised as Santa Clause in the photo with Charlotte, above.  But, thanks, I believe, to Gunnar Kuepper, I have a photo of him along with my field staffer and right-hand-man, Ryan Shultz.  Salvaggio is the one on the far left, looking eager to get back to work:


My right-hand-man, Ryan Shultz, has been my constant companion since I first ran for 4th District Supervisor in 2012.

Ryan Shultz and David Couch

Together, my team has helped quite literally hundreds of constituents with problems and helped improve County government.  You’ll find them in the office and out in the district connecting with people, listening, and spurring government to action.  I’m proud of them.


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