The Taft Midway Driller endorses David Couch for Supervisor

The Taft Midway Driller endorses David Couch for Supervisor

Couch has done a remarkable job

Taft Midway Driller


For the past four years, Taft has had something it hasn’t had in decades: A Kern County Supervisor that cares about us.

Not since Vance Webb and Trice Harvey represented the Fourth District on the Board of Supervisors has anyone in Bakersfield listened to the community and, more importantly, responded to the needs of the Westside like David Couch.

Capably assisted by Ryan Shultz and Mark Salvaggio, Couch has seen to it that vacant, derelict homes are demolished, removing blight, fire hazards and hiding places for transients from our unincorporated neighborhoods.

South Taft, Ford City and Taft Heights are better places to live than they were four years ago, and that’s thanks to Couch.

The entire area is a safer place to drive in because of the work Couch has put in to make sure our county roads are repaired, and, in a little over a year A Street is going to be resurfaced, benefitting city and county residents alike.

Representing a district as large and diverse as the Fourth District isn’t easy.  Past supervisors have chosen to stay in Bakersfield and neglect the outlying areas like Taft, Frazier Park, Lost Hills and Wasco.

Not Couch and not his staff.

Ask the people up and down the district, from the farmlands through the oilfields to the mountains and they’ll tell you Couch is the most responsive supervisor in recent memory.

Under Couch, we’ve seen how government can and should work.

Let’s keep him for at least another four years, and reelect him on June 4.

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